Patio heating (coming soon)

Project patio heating

KSP (coming soon)

High-end telescope

R2 Bin made from waste

R2 Public bin made from waste

Straight razor

Contemporary interpretation a high end classical straight razor


Loop Switch dynamic noise control

Series 01

Pedal cars for the rental market at the Belgian coast

Farm toys

Metal toys for the iconic Kovap toy factory

APC Binoculars

Stabilized binoculars


Branding for the iconic Flandria brand.

Classic race watches

Watch design inspired by the DNA and mechanics of iconic races

Urbn Gardn

Gardening experience for small spaces.

Form & Value

Research in the relation of form and value, how do we perceive shapes and objects.

Exclusive toys

Metal toys for the iconic Kovap toy factory

KX1 Red dot

Innovative Red Dot for hunting

Bespoke design consultancy


–   Consumer goods
–   Luxury goods
–   Industrial products
–   Public space
–   Health & care
–   Home & interior


The Gentle Company
Gaverland 50
9620 Zottegem (Belgium)

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