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Urban garden experience

Urbn Gardn is a contemporary product designed to bring the joys of gardening to urban dwellers living on limited surfaces.

Designed with our attention for detail, Urbn Gardn is a compact and innovative solution tailored for modern living spaces where outdoor greenery is a luxury.


The design of Urbn Gardn emphasizes versatility and ease of use. Its modular construction allows users to customize their gardening experience, accommodating a variety of plants, herbs, and flowers. With adjustable shelving Urbn Gardn maximizes vertical space utilization, making the most of limited square footage.


At its core, Urbn Gardn embodies simplicity and functionality. Its sleek design seamlessly integrates into any urban environment, whether it’s a cozy apartment balcony, a small patio, or even an indoor space flooded with natural light.

Its compact footprint makes it accessible to those with restricted living areas, transforming neglected nooks into botanical sanctuaries.

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