To create future value and realise business growth we deliver strategy & design services


> Strategic advice & support

Drawing upon our strategic design toolkit, extensive market research, and broad experience, we provide an extensive array of business and product strategic services.

> Startup partner

Looking for a development partner, whether for a small or large project? Need temporary support until your product launches? Seeking strategic hardware advice or someone to brainstorm with for your startup? Adding an experienced partner can boost your team’s speed and effectiveness.

> Industrial design

Developing products based our your clients needs and organisational ambitions. Based on the human centred design approach we develop products for consumer, luxury and industrial markets.

> Concept & visualisation

Developing concepts and visuals to communicate new directions or innovations. With our user behaviour and opportunity toolbox we co-create new concepts and create stunning visuals for you to communicate.

> 3D modelling & engineering

Creating 3d models, tech packs, and engineered solutions for production. Sourcing of materials, production and follow up on production.

> Branding & packaging

Connecting to your users and bringing your organisational values to life with beautiful branding or packaging.

> Design DNA

Combining your organisational values with users behavior to develop a visual brand language. Triggering user awareness and obtain a unique market position.

> Design performance

Introducing human centered design tools, user behaviour and strategic tools in your organization to strengthen and secure growth.


Active markets

Consumer goods

Design of a consumer goods for different segments ranging from soft goods in the luggage industry to toys and electronic devices.

Luxury goods

Design of high end products for niche markets and unique elaborated brands.

Health & care

Design and developments for the medical, or healthcare industry.

Industrial applications

Design and usability of machines and tools for a wide range of industrial segments.

Public space

Design of items used the public space ranging from city furniture to memorial monuments.

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Public services

Products and investment goods for public or semi public services

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Bespoke design consultancy


–   Consumer goods
–   Luxury goods
–   Industrial products
–   Public space
–   Health & care
–   Home & interior


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