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Gentle & more is a product design office and strategic design consultancy. Assisting businesses in design objectives and goals. We focus on the connection between users, product and brand, to kick start developments and push the boundaries of the current market.

Backed up by extensive research on the relation of form and value perception we aim to bring solutions that touch on a conscious and unconscious level. Matching these with the company strategy, technical possibilities, and market drivers, we deliver design results or guidelines for the development team.

Driven by our +10 years of experience in product and service design, we combine visual strong concepts with an insight-driven strategy.

Product & Service design

We design products and services, from the first idea to the market. Using a proven design methodology we deliver future proof results.

Do you have a product idea and need guidance on how to develop it, do you need a new design or re-design of a product, we assist you through this whole process. Using a proven design methodology we co-develop your business through well-designed products and solutions.

We offer user and brand centered product design through a step by step process we go from idea to successful realizations. Growing your business by tackling your challenges en focusing on future proof design concepts we create bespoke solutions.

We engage in challenges of consumer goods and luxury products.

Design DNA

Determining your unique Design DNA, visual brand language and signature. Developing guidelines and assisting in coherently expanding your portfolio or service.

Design DNA is the visual identity of your products. Matching your design objectives with a strong visual form language to leverage and develop your brand.

Visual brand language or Design DNA (Designed Narrative Attributes) based on user research and market analysis, leads to bigger brand loyalty, awareness, recognition, and a defined market position. Creating tools and guidelines to establish consistency in product portfolios and strategic product differentiation is the key to establish an appealing and comprehensive brand.

Creating a good design language is not an easy task, however by comprehensive research and co-creation we can deliver practical toolkits and guidelines to implement in your process. Since no brand or case is the same, we offer a tailor-made approach to each challenge.

Art direction & Workshops

We offer our expertise and experience in strategic design to co-create the overall product strategies as well as assistance in the smallest detail. To leverage brands by design we kickstart new developments by co-creation workshops, coaching or periodic meetings.

Good solutions require good insights and process planning, therefore we offer creative direction, organize co-creation workshops and offer trainings in our strategic toolbox.

To support your development in the best way possible we teach your team valuable techniques and offer tools to be used in the design process. Combining our know-how of design processes and your specific market knowledge we co-create future proof results.

Bespoke design consultancy


–   Consumer goods
–   Luxury goods
–   Industrial products


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