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R2 Bin made from waste



Re-using and recycling

One of the main design priorities for the R2 outdoor litter bin was the use of both recycled and recyclable materials.

The top part of the R2 litter bin consists of recycled plastics. The body is made of fully recyclable aluminum. The R2 system is also readily mounted on existing clamps thus avoiding the expensive installation of new mounting posts in the public space.

Same system, different looks

The R2 system is perfectly adaptable to all demands of public authorities.A broad array of colours for the aluminum body allow it to blend into the local urban branding and landscape. The three different volumes (50L, 70L, 90L) and many more set-ups (cans, small waste,…) guarantee the best litter control in any environment.

Moulded from waste plastics

Visible but not interfering

The R2 litter bin’s concept is meant to be visible and recognizable yet not intruding in the public space. Its’ friendly, non-polarizing design gives it a discreet but unmistakable presence, that is acceptable for crowds of different cultures.

Waste collector's centered

Even more than the general public, it is the waste collector crews who come into daily contact with outdoor litter bins. The R2 is designed for fast, no-hassle, day in day out handling while its’ robust structure guarantees great longevity. The full symmetrical opening possibilities (left-right, front-left) result in maximum accessibility.

urban bin

An anti-vandalism design

Fighting illegal dumping often takes up too much energy and resources.The R2 system is provided with a rounded top which discourages leaving any litter on it.

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