Flandria rebrading



The brand

Flandria probably the oldest touristic boat tours of Belgium. Operating since more than 100 years from the heart of Antwerp the brand offers a range of boat experiences on the the Scheldt the main stream that connects the Port of Antwerp with the rest of the world.

The logo

The goal was to reflect their rich history, pleasant experiences and warm staff.

A modern interpretation of a classic logo combined with the iconic triangular flag that speaks for the joyful experience onboard.

Logo design boat tours
flandria logo flag

The proud flag

No boats without flags, in order to stand out and be we aimed to design a brand language that reflects the onboard experiences in a universal expression.

The experience

The experience of the Flandria tours are triggering the five senses, such as fine food and drinks a touch of party and offcourse diamonds the little stones that put Antwerp on the map.



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