Exclusive toys



Historic craftmanship

Kovap a nearly 100 year old toy brand, houses a range of almost lost technologies and historic craftsmanship. This rare but precious expertise makes them one of the last toy makers in their genre.

Classic toys, new styles

Their iconic tractors made from metal plating and equipped with a four gear mechanical motor are desired by collectors around the globe. They became collector items and inspire young and old with there mechanical abilities and fine detailing.

For the celebrations of their 75 year old factory we designed a new tractor which highlights the brand, the craftmanship and honor the loyal fan base.

Creating desirable objects that last a life time

Limited and collectable

On of the most exclusive of all tractors is this special for the iconic watchmaker Prim. This tractor only available as part of a limited set with the renewed Tratkor watch of Prim.

An exclusive tractor with real leather details, golden trims and features and an original livery.

Colorful delight

Colourfull and updated editions are occasionally launched, focusing on pieces that lasts a lifetime and speak of youth or even longer an are owned as heirlooms.

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